(We are currently finishing a one year assignment in China.)  

Merchandising Metrics is a consulting practice offering retail and wholesale brands analytical solutions beyond the current scope of traditional thinking.  We understand the roles of both Art and Science.  We are both Data and Design driven.  We pursue the grounding of data and the optimism of design.  The left brain and the right brain do not operate in silos.  They are partners in the process.  That collaboration of perspectives offers the clients a set of disciplines and thought processes that pressure test the status quo, that challenge the role of every product, and that filter the development and decision making process for both brand maximizing attributes and Risk Mitigating balance.  

We offer the financial community the opportunity to view and evaluate the business in a true real-time manner, with a predictive analysis of the outcomes we foresee based on our front line assessment of the applied Merchandising Metrics.  These assessments are from the perspective of merchants, not financial analysts.  The analysts evaluate the balance sheet, the income and cash flow statements, and all the various ratios and multiples.  They are critically essential and we do not diminish or discount their importance in any way.  Financial metrics are complemented by merchandising metrics.  Merchandising Metrics offers additional analytical tools and insights that can be used to over lay the traditional post performance results.  We evaluate the on-floor assortments for fidelity to Brand Promise, Risk Profile (item/classification weight and balance), Color Management, Calendar Management/ConversionBest Use of Space, Promotional Depth & Breadth, and Dosage...for a start.